Information for Students

Why work with Research & Innovation?

When you work with Research & Innovation, you gain real-world experience that sets you apart from the competition. It is a paid professional development experience with excellent networking opportunities that connects you with industry and helps you gain employment.

Who would I be working with?

You will be reporting regularly to your faculty lead and project manager on the progress of your project. You will also be involved in meetings with your industry partner for progress updates and research direction.

What is the difference between a Research Assistant and a Research Associate?

A Research Assistant is a post-secondary student working on a research project. A Research Associate is a recent graduate from a post-secondary program working on a research project. The Research Associate has more responsibility than the Assistant, as they act as mentors and coaches to the assistants. They tend to be the leaders of the research component of the project.

What qualities should a researcher possess?
Are these summer positions or can I work during school?

Research Assistants, which are current students in a post-secondary program, can work full-time throughout the summer (35 hours/week) and part-time during school (up to 12 hours/week). Research Associates, which are recent grads, work full-time (35 hours/week) for the project’s duration.

Are these paid positions?

Yes, these are paid positions. Due to their experience level, Associates earn a higher wage than Assistants. However, both hourly wages are competitive.