(old) Information for Faculty

How are faculty compensated for the time they commit to an applied research project?

Compensation depends on whether the faculty member is full-time or part-time. If you are full-time, you are eligible for "course-release". The research project replaces a course that you generally teach within the curriculum. No extra monetary compensation is awarded. For part-time faculty, the time committed towards a research project is over and above all other College commitments. Hours are logged and an hourly wage is used to determine compensation.

How much time should I be willing to commit to a project?

Time commitment depends on the nature of the project. It is important for the faculty lead to remember that the quality and success of the research project is heavily dependent on their professional guidance. An engaged and dedicated faculty lead ensures that the potential of the project is maximized and deliverables are met.That being said, the majority of the legwork is carried out by the researcher, project manager, and industry partner. The faculty lead generally commits the least amount of time of all stakeholders in a project.

What can we do with the intellectual property we've helped generate through an applied research project?

Faculty must make sure their use of intellectual property adheres to the stipulations in the project collaboration agreement. Although intellectual property is dealt with on a case-by-case basis, the industry partner is generally given the intellectual property rights upon project sign-off. However, faculty still have the right to use general project descriptions and general project information for teaching purposes and for their CV.

I have a great idea for an applied research project. How can I bring it to life?

The process begins with the project collaboration form, filled out and submitted by the potential industry partner.The industry partner needs to be a local small or medium sized business looking to complete a research project that fits within our criteria and capabilities.If you have a potential funding partner with whom you would be interested in conducting an applied research project with, we encourage you to contact Niagara College’s Research & Innovation Division and start the conversation.

What is the process for getting involved as a faculty lead?

If you are a current faculty of Niagara College and you are interested in becoming involved in applied research, get in touch with our department. When an upcoming project fits under your specialization and may require your knowledge and expertise, you will be considered as a potential faculty lead for that research project. Our department will contact you and discuss your involvement further.

How does my work with Research & Innovation intertwine with my courses and other College responsibilities?

Essentially, the applied research replaces a course that you generally teach within the curriculum. Therefore, the time commitment to College duties will not change much. Meetings with your industry partner, project manager and research team will be flexible and will work around your other classes and College responsibilities.