Grad strives to offer the ultimate in customer service

Angela Walsh

Angela Walsh is a former research assistant with the Business & Commercialization Solutions team at Research & Innovation. She graduated from the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration – International Commerce and Global Development program in 2021 and currently works as a Customer Account Manager (CAM) with Six S Partners.

Tell us about where you work:

I work for Six S Partners, which is a North America Wide ERP Service firm, with team members across the United States and in several Canadian provinces. We are a software training and consulting firm. At Six S Partners I initially was hired on as a Marketing Coordinator (September 2021), since then, I have transitioned into a Customer Account Manager (CAM) role (January 2022). In this role I operate as the lead point of contact for all matters specific to assigned customers.

Describe your role and what you like about it:

I develop new business from existing clients and actively seek new sales opportunities. I was eager to transition into my CAM position, as I wanted to be more involved in the sales cycle and participate more in a customer-facing role. I enjoy creating those great results for our existing customer base and maintaining those relationships. Within Six S everyone is so dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the best service possible, which entails a collaborative environment I much enjoy being a part of.

How has your experience with Research & Innovation helped prepare you for your current role?

I believe that working with/for businesses in multiple/different sectors was beneficial to the role I am in today. As well as the aspect of working from home!

A memorable applied research project during your time at R&I?

While working for R&I my most memorable project was for Weekend at the Cottage; a recipe/lifestyle/cottaging blog style website, in which they deliver recipes that they have created. Our challenge with them was bringing some of these recipes to market, specifically: jams, jellies, preserves, spice blends, granola, and coffee. It was a very intricate project with so many different food sectors, involving a lot of in-depth research. Owners Carol Bagozzi, and Bik Manojlovich were also so great to work with.

What led you to Niagara College in the first place?

I am originally from St. Thomas, Ont., and when applying to schools I migrated towards Brock. After some time at Brock, I decided I wanted to take a different path, but I really loved the Niagara region and wanted to stay, so I explored programs that are offered at Niagara College and decided to make the switch!

Most memorable experience at NC?

My most memorable experience at Niagara College was being a part of the International Commerce and Global Development program. I have a deep love and passion for culture, which led me to exploring NC’s Be World Ready program on multiple occasions. I participated in a 10-day field study in Bremen, Germany (2019), and a semester abroad in Galway, Ireland (2020).

Although my semester abroad was cut short due to COVID-19, both experiences allowed me to grow as a person, gain in-depth cultural experiences and make life-long friends. These are without a doubt my most memorable experiences at NC, and I will strongly encourage anyone to get involved with these programs if the possibility presents itself!

Is there a particular mentor at either R&I or a faculty member who influenced you?

There are several: Paula Reile [current program manager, R&I]; Dawit Eshetu, PhD, [associate dean, International Business]; Stefan Johnson [professor, School of Business & Management Studies]; and Maxine Semple [associate director, International Student Services].

What advice would you impart to current research students or future alumni?

Work hard and focus on your passions. Utilize all resources and learn from those around you.

After being in the workforce, what have you learned?

I have learned that I will never stop learning!!

Proudest achievement since graduating?

I think my proudest achievement since graduating was how quickly I landed a job in my field, the opportunities my workplace has presented me with, and how much I have grown as an individual.

What are you passionate about at the moment?

I am currently passionate about my clients, as I transitioned into my CAM role at Six S Partners, I wanted to ensure my clients continued to receive the same and/or higher level of service from me.

Interests outside of work?

I enjoy anything outdoors! Soccer, hiking, biking, etc.

If you could have a billboard message seen by many, what would it say?

Be confident in everything you do!