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Providing market research expertise

Theo's Italian Eatery Salad Dressings

When your house salad dressing is so popular that restaurant patrons ask to buy a bottle, you just may have a hit on your hands. And for one family-owned restaurant, they recently looked to the experts at Niagara College’s Research & Innovation to find out if they had a winner.   Theo’s Eatery, an Italian and Greek-style casual dining restaurant in Orillia, Ont., wanted to … Continue reading Providing market research expertise »

RoamIO Land Robot Hits the Ground

Text by: Michael Hanemaayer   Last fall, the Research & Innovation division at Niagara College welcomed a new member to its team in the form of the land rover RoamIO Jumbo, which has opened the door to new opportunities for future industry partners in precision agriculture. Built by Korechi Innovations, the RoamIO Jumbo is a remote-controlled land robot that is highly customizable and workable for … Continue reading RoamIO Land Robot Hits the Ground »

Improving the sewer guardian

Project Highlights: Improving the sewer guardian Residential sewer systems require backflow prevention devices to protect the home from sewage entering into the home. The current technology of backflow preventers poses a problem in that there is no way to determine if the backflow prevention device is operational. Failures of the backflow prevention device can be catastrophic. Rock Bar Construction developed a solution to this problem … Continue reading Improving the sewer guardian »

Efficient trimming

Project Highlights: Efficient trimming The WAMIC team recently worked with Airbus Helicopters in Fort Erie, Ont., to develop 3D-printed plastic vacuum fixtures to hold composite helicopter parts, so that a robotic trimming system can be used. Enabling the vacuum, the operator was able to quickly and repeatedly locate the part on the fixture and with full vacuum applied, the part held very securely, particularly near … Continue reading Efficient trimming »

Digital landscape meets manufacturing world

Project Highlights: Digital landscape meets manufacturing world      MTech Hub, a network created by a Burlington-based software development company Seradex, represents small- and medium-sized manufacturers devoted to exploring and introducing the digital landscape into their businesses. They came to Research & Innovation last May to develop an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor solution that would measure equipment voltage in an attempt to mitigate long-term … Continue reading Digital landscape meets manufacturing world »