Custom software enhances farm operations

The AETIC team recently worked with CropPro Consulting (CropPro), a company that offers Mapping Agriculture Production Systems (MAPS) variable-rate services and Technology Enhanced Consulting (TEC) custom mapping and software. Good topography models are uncommon, and complex to build. Topography and field modelling for farms is often done in rural areas with minimal Internet/data connectivity, and it is important that the analysis can operate as part of a desktop (offline) software.

The AETIC team is collaborating with CropPro to further develop the land topography software called LandMapR, which was built by Dr. R.A. (Bob) MacMillan. This software analyzes field topography data and creates highly accurate field topography and water flow (hydrology) models, including capturing all the hills and depressions in a field. CropPro’s utilization of LandMapR topography and water flow tools will help provide valuable solutions that also support farm profitability, varitable-rate applications, and good environmental stewardship.

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