NC & U of T researchers publish two academic papers

Niagara College Vineyard grapes.

Niagara College’s Horticultural and Environmental Sciences Innovation Centre (HESIC) has been working with Dr. Adam Martin, Researcher from the University of Toronto, based in the Niagara region, supporting his research in ecology and plant physiology in grapevines.

Through an agreement with Kimberley Cathline, HESIC’s research program manager, and Gavin Robertson, faculty member with the School of Environment and Horticulture, the College has provided Dr. Martin space to work in NC vineyards and has supported scientific papers published by his laboratory, through providing our team’s expertise in editing and reviewing prior to publishing.

We’re excited to announce that since this collaboration, two papers have been published to date.

The first article, published in October 2022, is titled “Soil Compaction Drives in Intra-Genotype Leaf Economics Spectrum in Wine Grapes” [read here].

The second article, also published in October 2022, is titled “Intraspecific Leaf Trait Variation across and within Five Common Wine Grape Varieties” [read here].