Streamlining soil health mapping technology

SoilOptix Manager Interface

Based in Tavistock, Ont., SoilOptix provides digital soil-mapping technology to the agricultural community, using a non-contact geological soil sensor to measure soil’s naturally emitting gamma radiation. The service also includes strategic physical soil samples. All data is calculated into a high-resolution soil property map that a farmer uses for site-specific applications.

SoilOptix uses a process to convert the readings from the field into a series of maps showing nutrient levels and/or soil health. The data analysis and processing work uses multiple pieces of software, and takes a significant amount of time (4-10 hours), for a field of any size, from 10+ to 100+ acres.

The AETIC team streamlined the data process, and programmed the primary production into a single, efficient system. The User Interface (UI) makes this process much faster by automating much of the work. With the UI, the SoilOptix Analysts are realizing a 6-fold increase in their ability to process a field.

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