Amour It Inc.

Amour It Inc. (logo)

CHALLENGE:   Amour It Inc. is a successful digital marketing company, having supported the digital implementation of many brands, they are ready to bring their own product to market. An old family recipe for what can be considered a pantry shortcut, or multi-purpose condiment. They want to ensure they have all the necessary information to enter the marketplace. Having already done the District Venture Kitchen Accelerator program, … Continue reading Amour It Inc. »

LumeSmart Inc.

LumeSmart Inc. - logo

CHALLENGE: Although market share has been obtained, Lumesmart would like to put their strategy in place. To do this, they have approached the Research and Innovation, Business and Commercialization Innovation Centre to undertake market research to understand the current market conditions in the greenhouse growing space, uncover the main competitors, completing a full analysis to understand how Lumesmart can position themselves against these competitors. A … Continue reading LumeSmart Inc. »

The Smokin’ Buddha

The Smokin' Buddha

CHALLENGE:   Go Buddha and The Humberstone are extensions of The Smokin Buddha; a restaurant located in the canal district of Port Colborne. This organization is about bringing globally inspired cuisine and experiences based on their travels. Having a well-known brand in the Niagara Region, due to their impeccable quality and service, and having roots in a food truck that would be seen at every major … Continue reading The Smokin’ Buddha »

Earth One Inc.

CHALLENGE: EarthOne Inc. is a company focused on developing solutions that support a sustainable future. In one of their first products, they have developed the ‘Earth One Plant Monitor’. The Plant Monitor guarantees foliage, yield, and increased flowering. The software does the math, and the hardware brings all the sensors together. Using light, humidity, soil moisture, temperature, and pH sensors, EarthOne can provide a dashboard … Continue reading Earth One Inc. »

Ogena Solutions

CHALLENGE: Having the exclusive rights to sell the ‘OgenaShield Air & Surface Purifier’ powered by Puraclenz, Ogena requires a go-to-market strategy that encompasses observing the potential size of the market, competitors, and defining their target audience. This information will be used to determine the promotional strategy, including which elements of the promotional mix should be used to reach the target audiences along with the tone … Continue reading Ogena Solutions »

PH Canada Company

CHALLENGE: PH Canada Company has been a leader in the pizza space for decades, many have nostalgia for their in-person restaurants and all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. Times have changed and so have consumers, wanting to focus in on the next powerhouse generation; Generation Z (Gen Z), they have turned to us for primary market research to gain insights on what the typical Gen Z consumer wants. … Continue reading PH Canada Company »