North Hamilton Community Health Centre

CHALLENGE NHCHC currently co-ordinates three community gardens and two children’s teaching gardens in the north end of Hamilton. The success and continued high demand for these programs has led to establishing a Community Greenhouse, which allows NHCHC to extend the growing season for their gardeners, improving access to fresh, organic produce well into the fall months, as well as create a space to start the … Continue reading North Hamilton Community Health Centre »

Black Angus Fine Meats & Game

CHALLENGE Black Angus Meats is a Toronto-based company specializing in fresh game meat products. They have access to some of the most interesting, nutritious and tasty cuts available on the market. Black Angus faced the challenge of uptake from consumers from some of their retail cuts of wild game. SOLUTION Students in the Culinary Innovation program were challenged to come up with a “Heat and … Continue reading Black Angus Fine Meats & Game »

Jal Gua

CHALLENGE Jal Gua is an instant powder super food created by former child soldier and international hip hop artist Emmanuel Jal. Jal Gua contains a blend of two staple African ingredients: Sorghum and Moringa, both which are packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatories. The powder can be used in several applications and mixes well in liquids and solids. SOLUTION Jal Gua approached Niagara College for the … Continue reading Jal Gua »

Bunge Canada

CHALLENGE Bunge is a leading agribusiness and food company globally, with operations stretching from the farm to the retail shelf. With constant innovations in food and agriculture, Bunge has a wide range of new products that go through extensive testing before being released. SOLUTION Bunge is on the verge of releasing a lactose-free cream that can be used in a variety of different cooking applications. … Continue reading Bunge Canada »

Farmlife Foods

CHALLENGE Farmlife Foods is a local Niagara-based company, serving locally farm-raised chickens to the public. They specialize in selling fresh, bulk chickens at a competitive price. Farmlife Foods wanted to convert lower-value trim from their poultry processing operations into a high-value chicken sausage. SOLUTION Using an open innovation approach, each student in the Culinary Innovation course prototyped the product, from which five final products were … Continue reading Farmlife Foods »

Yorkshire Valley Farms


Recipe Development CHALLENGE Yorkshire Valley Farms had cuts of chicken for which they did not have recipes. They wanted to come up with recipes to use chicken so that they were not being wasteful, but did not have the knowledge or expertise to move forward. SOLUTION With very specific criteria in mind (organic, small-mid-sized serving portions, healthy and quick to grab as a snack), students … Continue reading Yorkshire Valley Farms »