GrowDoc App Inc.

GrowDoc App Inc.

Project Objective: The objective of this study was to gather photo and video documentation of Cannabis sativa plants as they were subjected to boron deficiency and toxicity. The documentation will be used by GrowDoc App Inc. (GrowDoc) to improve their mobile application, which will help cannabis growers better discern nutrient deficiency and phytotoxicity. Challenge: GrowDoc’s current model has been trained on over 40,000 images of cannabis plant … Continue reading GrowDoc App Inc. »

GrowDoc App Inc.

Challenge: GrowDoc is a mobile app company utilizing artificial intelligence systems for rapid identification of causes of unhealthy cannabis plants.  Whether a plant is wilting or showing symptoms on the leaves, GrowDoc will be there to determine the cause and tell the user what needs to be done to fix it. In order to develop the GrowDoc mobile application, photo and video documentation of common … Continue reading GrowDoc App Inc. »

Keyframe Studios-Krow VFX

Improving green screen film technology CHALLENGE Keyframe Studios, an award-winning animation and visual effects company created a concept prototype to reduce green-screen post-production compositing time. They needed assistance taking it to the next level, and in making it sophisticated enough to hit the commercial market. Keyframe’s visual effects division, Krow VFX, partnered with the Research & Innovation team in developing a wireless product, a technology … Continue reading Keyframe Studios-Krow VFX »

Seradex – MTechHub

Digital landscape meets the manufacturing world CHALLENGE MTechHub is an association of 400 Canadian Manufacturing SMEs created by Burlington-based software development company Seradex. Their aim is to overcome common industry business challenges through the use and adoption of digital technologies. They came to the Research & Innovation division to develop an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor solution that would measure equipment voltage in an attempt … Continue reading Seradex – MTechHub »