VCycene Inc.

VCycene Inc. (logo)

Evaluating a novel indoor compost product as an organic fertilizer to grow diverse crops in a greenhouse    OBJECTIVE:  The objective of Phase 1 of this project was to evaluate the potential of the product of VCycene’s intelligent composting device to be classified as a mature compost, as per the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment‘s (CCME) Guidelines for Compost Quality. Phase 2 of the … Continue reading VCycene Inc. »

IZC NEREA® nutrient trials

International Zeolite Nerea® Nutrient trials

OBJECTIVE:  The objective of this project was to examine the extent at which nutrient levels may be reduced in leachate from NEREA® media blends when used to grow a basil crop.  CHALLENGE:   International Zeolite Corporation (IZ) is an international marketer and supplier of natural zeolite and zeolite-infused products. Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral found in volcanic ash that can be used for a number … Continue reading IZC NEREA® nutrient trials »

GrowDoc App Inc.

GrowDoc App Inc.

Project Objective: The objective of this study was to gather photo and video documentation of Cannabis sativa plants as they were subjected to boron deficiency and toxicity. The documentation will be used by GrowDoc App Inc. (GrowDoc) to improve their mobile application, which will help cannabis growers better discern nutrient deficiency and phytotoxicity. Challenge: GrowDoc’s current model has been trained on over 40,000 images of cannabis plant … Continue reading GrowDoc App Inc. »

Terra Optima Labs Inc.

Terra Optima Labs Inc. - Success Story

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: The objective of this trial was to examine the effects of a novel soil amendment, a type of vermichar produced by Terra Optima, on the growth and health of leafy green and fruiting crops. CHALLENGE: Terra Optima Labs Inc. (Terra Optima) has created a circular system on-site at the Western Fair District (London, ON, operated by Western Fair Association), which can divert food … Continue reading Terra Optima Labs Inc. »

Plant Products Inc. – Biopesticide product

Plant Products Inc. (HESIC Project success story)

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the phytotoxicity risk of a novel biopesticide product applied by dipping four Cannabis sativa cultivars.   CHALLENGE: Plant Products Inc. (Plant Products) delivers focused technical support and consumable goods to the specialty horticulture industries in Canada and the USA. They’re a leading distributor of fertilizers, synthetic and biological pesticides, biological control, substrates, seeds, and other innovative products. The mantra in Integrated Pest … Continue reading Plant Products Inc. – Biopesticide product »

Biochar Leachate Evaluation

OBJECTIVE: To examine the leachate over time from a selected range of biochar and greenhouse media blends to assess nutrient holding and loss over time, and thus potential impact on plant growth and environment. CHALLENGE: Walker Industries Inc. is a diverse, Ontario-based company with an environmental division, Walker Environmental Group Inc. (WEG), that specializes in waste management and resource recovery. One of the areas of … Continue reading Biochar Leachate Evaluation »