Pepper North Artisan Foods

Pepper North Artisan Foods

CHALLENGE: Pepper North is a Canadian hot sauce company, who has secured distribution in all major grocers in Canada, being listed in 50% of grocery stores across Canada. Finding success as an early entrant to the now explosive hot sauce market with a boost from being featured on the YouTube Series Hot Ones. This market has had explosive growth, but with that has also seen … Continue reading Pepper North Artisan Foods »

St. Brigid’s Creamery

St.Brigid's Creamery

CHALLENGE:  St. Brigid’s Creamery has a distribution network, and direct to consumer sales channels, but in their desire to grow, support in their market research and marketing strategy is needed. This will support their optimal position in the Canadian marketplace. The Research and Innovation team is proposing a review of the marketplace, competitive analysis, target market identification, product positioning for their single source butter growth.  … Continue reading St. Brigid’s Creamery »

International Zeolite Corp. – Market Research

International Zeolite Corporation - Market Research & Strategy

CHALLENGE:   International Zeolite Corporation (IZC) is a successful Zeolite mining vertically integrated organization that covers the complete value chain from zeolite production and supply to direct-to-consumer products. Having a successful B2B strategy, IZC has developed multiple zeolite-based products to be used in the horticulture industry. Wanting to strengthen their B2C strategy, primarily through ecommerce channels is a top-of-mind priority.  The Business and Commercialization Innovation Centre … Continue reading International Zeolite Corp. – Market Research »

Amour It Inc.

Amour It Inc. (logo)

CHALLENGE:   Amour It Inc. is a successful digital marketing company, having supported the digital implementation of many brands, they are ready to bring their own product to market. An old family recipe for what can be considered a pantry shortcut, or multi-purpose condiment. They want to ensure they have all the necessary information to enter the marketplace. Having already done the District Venture Kitchen Accelerator program, … Continue reading Amour It Inc. »

LumeSmart Inc.

LumeSmart Inc. - logo

CHALLENGE: Although market share has been obtained, Lumesmart would like to put their strategy in place. To do this, they have approached the Research and Innovation, Business and Commercialization Innovation Centre to undertake market research to understand the current market conditions in the greenhouse growing space, uncover the main competitors, completing a full analysis to understand how Lumesmart can position themselves against these competitors. A … Continue reading LumeSmart Inc. »

The Smokin’ Buddha

The Smokin' Buddha

CHALLENGE:   Go Buddha and The Humberstone are extensions of The Smokin Buddha; a restaurant located in the canal district of Port Colborne. This organization is about bringing globally inspired cuisine and experiences based on their travels. Having a well-known brand in the Niagara Region, due to their impeccable quality and service, and having roots in a food truck that would be seen at every major … Continue reading The Smokin’ Buddha »