GrowDoc App Inc.

GrowDoc App Inc.

Project Objective: The objective of this study was to gather photo and video documentation of Cannabis sativa plants as they were subjected to boron deficiency and toxicity. The documentation will be used by GrowDoc App Inc. (GrowDoc) to improve their mobile application, which will help cannabis growers better discern nutrient deficiency and phytotoxicity. Challenge: GrowDoc’s current model has been trained on over 40,000 images of cannabis plant … Continue reading GrowDoc App Inc. »

Quick Plug Global

CHALLENGE: Conventional media for propagating rooted cuttings in a greenhouse or controlled agriculture environment is a loose blend of peat moss and perlite. Due to the particle size and densities of perlite and peat moss, the physical and chemical properties of this media can vary from plug to plug. The unstable nature of loose media can potentially allow a young cutting to struggle, by remaining … Continue reading Quick Plug Global »


Hazelnut growers to benefit from weather data collection CHALLENGE International confectioners Ferrero created an opportunity for an explosion in hazelnut farming in Ontario. The makers of the popular Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Nutella are anticipating upwards of 20,000 acres of hazelnut trees planted across the province in the next decade. The challenge is developing hazelnut orchard management practices to meet these demands, as there is … Continue reading Ferrero »


Partnering with confectioner Ferrero   CHALLENGE Ferrero operates a state-of-the-art plant in Brantford, Ontario. At present, it supplies NUTELLA®, FERRERO ROCHER® and TIC TAC® to North America and Australia. Their supply of hazelnuts is essential to their delicious food products. Currently, the hazelnuts come from countries like Turkey and Italy. Ferrero would like a local/domestic supply grown in Ontario, with a goal of 20,000 hectares … Continue reading Ferrero »

Niagara College Crop Portal

Precision agriculture: smart farming software    CHALLENGE Investment in precision agriculture equipment is significant across Ontario; however, the agronomic, and geographic information science (GIS) areas are lacking research to demonstrate a return on investment (ROI). Farmers need a way to input their data and process it to allow for smarter decisions in their business and promote better outcomes for yields and quality. SOLUTION Niagara College … Continue reading Niagara College Crop Portal »

CropPro Consulting

Custom software enhances farm operations   CHALLENGE CropPro Consulting (CropPro) offers Mapping Agriculture Production Systems (MAPS) variable-rate services and Technology Enhanced Consulting (TEC) custom mapping and software. Good topography models are uncommon, and complex to build. Topography and field modelling for farms is often done in rural areas with minimal Internet/data connectivity, and it is important that the analysis can operate as part of a … Continue reading CropPro Consulting »