Hamill Machine Company Inc.

Hamill Machine Company Inc.

Expanding business thanks to WAMIC expertise CHALLENGE In order to keep up with the increasing market demand for its wine barrel aluminum racks, local manufacturer Hamill Machine needed to fully automate its welding process, something that had been performed manually. Making the decision to switch to Robotic Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Hamill sought the expertise of the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (WAMIC) to … Continue reading Hamill Machine Company Inc. »

Studio 1 Labs

Studio 1 Labs

User Interface for Intelligent Medical Bed Sheet   CHALLENGE Studio 1 Labs is a global leader in fabric sensor technology with a patent-pending method of creating a sensor with the ability to measure variability of pressure rather than conventional wired sensors. This wireless intelligent bed sheet automates routine respiratory monitoring and documentation tasks for healthcare workers. With advanced data accuracy and analytics, this technology can … Continue reading Studio 1 Labs »

Hamill Agricultural Processing Solutions

Hamill Machine Company

PROJECT TYPE Mechanical Engineering Design and Improvement  CHALLENGE No longer just a tiny garnish, microgreens — the edible delicacies grown from the seeds of vegetables and herbs — are now a flourishing market in North America. To save farmers time and money harvesting this specialty crop, Niagara’s Hamill Agricultural Processing Solutions added manufacturing to the mix, with its automated industrial system. After success with its … Continue reading Hamill Agricultural Processing Solutions »

Snow-lutions Inc.

Developing a Winterized De-Icing Proof-of-Concept Spray Head   PROJECT TYPE Mechanical Engineering Design and Improvement CHALLENGE Based out of Niagara Falls, Snow-lutions Inc., is a technology and services company that has developed an all-season snow melting and fertilizing / irrigation application with its patented spray head system. This company has developed a method and system for distributing snow-melting fluid in the winter and nutrients during … Continue reading Snow-lutions Inc. »

Grimo Nut Nursery

The Heartnut, a Hard Nut to Crack   PROJECT TYPE Mechanical Engineering Design and Improvement CHALLENGE Grimo Nut Nursery, a company and farm based out of Niagara-on-the-Lake, is best known for selling Canadian hardy nut trees to backyard growers and nut-tree farmers alike. It is also currently breeding a newer walnut variation known as the heartnut (named after the Valentine shape of the shell and … Continue reading Grimo Nut Nursery »

Footwork Orthotics

Advancing Orthotics Manufacturing with Laser Technology and Additive Manufacturing   PROJECT TYPE Mechanical Engineering Design and Improvement CHALLENGE Footwork Orthotics London Inc. creates custom orthopedic footwear, medical bracing, and compression garments for its patients, with a focus on customized orthopedic footwear. Customized footwear addresses the specific needs of individuals that may suffer from structural foot deformities and/or special mechanics deficiencies. The company highlights the need … Continue reading Footwork Orthotics »