Amour It Inc.

Amour It Inc. (logo)

CHALLENGE:   Amour It Inc. is a successful digital marketing company, having supported the digital implementation of many brands, they are ready to bring their own product to market. An old family recipe for what can be considered a pantry shortcut, or multi-purpose condiment. They want to ensure they have all the necessary information to enter the marketplace. Having already done the District Venture Kitchen Accelerator program, … Continue reading Amour It Inc. »

VCycene Inc.

VCycene Inc. (logo)

Evaluating a novel indoor compost product as an organic fertilizer to grow diverse crops in a greenhouse    OBJECTIVE:  The objective of Phase 1 of this project was to evaluate the potential of the product of VCycene’s intelligent composting device to be classified as a mature compost, as per the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment‘s (CCME) Guidelines for Compost Quality. Phase 2 of the … Continue reading VCycene Inc. »

LumeSmart Inc.

LumeSmart Inc. - logo

CHALLENGE: Although market share has been obtained, Lumesmart would like to put their strategy in place. To do this, they have approached the Research and Innovation, Business and Commercialization Innovation Centre to undertake market research to understand the current market conditions in the greenhouse growing space, uncover the main competitors, completing a full analysis to understand how Lumesmart can position themselves against these competitors. A … Continue reading LumeSmart Inc. »

The Smokin’ Buddha

The Smokin' Buddha

CHALLENGE:   Go Buddha and The Humberstone are extensions of The Smokin Buddha; a restaurant located in the canal district of Port Colborne. This organization is about bringing globally inspired cuisine and experiences based on their travels. Having a well-known brand in the Niagara Region, due to their impeccable quality and service, and having roots in a food truck that would be seen at every major … Continue reading The Smokin’ Buddha »

IZC NEREA® nutrient trials

International Zeolite Nerea® Nutrient trials

OBJECTIVE:  The objective of this project was to examine the extent at which nutrient levels may be reduced in leachate from NEREA® media blends when used to grow a basil crop.  CHALLENGE:   International Zeolite Corporation (IZ) is an international marketer and supplier of natural zeolite and zeolite-infused products. Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral found in volcanic ash that can be used for a number … Continue reading IZC NEREA® nutrient trials »

Miski Brewing

Miski Brewing

Quinoa Beer Product Development   Challenge: Miski Brewing is a family-owned company based in Barrie, Ontario that was born as a subsidiary of its parent company, Miski Organics, to take over its new beer production. Miski specializes in importing and processing dry goods, mainly superfoods, from Peru. As a Canadian agri-food company, their core values include environmental sustainability, organic, and fair-trade. Noticing a market gap … Continue reading Miski Brewing »