360 Energy Inc.

360 Energy Solutions


360 Energy is an established company founded in 1995, providing leading edge management consultancy helping organizations transform their carbon and energy strategies. Recently developing a greenhouse software that is currently in testing that will utilize the current climate and control data within a greenhouse to understand and report on energy usage while considering energy market pricing and weather forecast to predict future need and generate precision proposed daily recommendations to the grower. Currently the software is designed to integrate with, rather than replace an industry prevalent operations management software “Lets Grow”. The recommendations will adhere to current growing requirements but lead to minimizing energy use and carbon emissions generation; ultimately creating major emissions, energy, and cost savings while improving the use of precision agriculture and growing processes. With this new technology 360 energy needs market research to get a deeper data driven understanding of the marketplace, the size, pain points to address in sales, understanding the prevalence and integration capabilities of the different climate control systems and potential competitors (direct and indirect). Target market identification, pricing strategies and branding direction will be also be reviewed. 


Niagara College Research and Innovation has undertaken a deep dive into the greenhouse industry’s energy management software needs and growth prospects to uncover business relevant information that will allow 360 Energy to position and promote their product effectively. Over the course of the Research, growth and sentiment trends, needs and pains, competitive and consumer sentiment as well as high value promotional opportunities have been uncovered. This comprehensive report will support that growth and development of this energy software tool.