Autumn Cedar Inc.


Ryan Brooks built a successful nutrition school and after the sale of the school wanted to bring a CPG product to market. With his wealth of knowledge as an athlete and working with athletes, has found there was no good nutritious sports drink on the market. With the current market leaders being filled with sugar, Ryan wanted to address this need. Bringing a health sports drink to market, market research on the landscape of the market, consumer behaviour analysis, competitive analysis, target market identification and a promotions strategy was required.   


Secondary Research was completed to uncover key trends/stats in the wellness and sports science market with a focus on the adaptogen sector.  A detailed competitive analysis was completed to understand if any gaps exist in the marketplace and the current state of the market.  Target markets were developed to help Autumn Cedar understand who to target based on geographical, demographic, psychographic and behavioural traits.  Finally, promotions and branding suggestions were provided to aid in resonating and reaching the desired target markets. 


Funding: RBC Funded