Avery Coffee

Avery Coffee

Navigating commercialization in the coffee industry



Avery Coffee is looking to disrupt the brew-from-home coffee market. Having introduced a dial that provides the correct coffee bean-to-water ratio to brew the perfect cup of coffee, they are now bringing a pour over coffee device to the marketplace. This pour over device will be engineered to automate the ratio process and bring high-level coffee in an easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing device to homes. In entering the market, Avery Coffee needs to better understand the landscape of the brew-from-home coffee market, how it is changing, who is consuming and what they are demanding from the market.



The Business & Commercialization Solutions team conducted a detailed analysis of the coffee industry, including environmental considerations, relevant industry trends as well as Avery Coffee’s capabilities. The research team compiled a thorough report to help guide Avery Coffee through the commercialization process successfully. The report covers all the various stages necessary to navigate from Avery Coffee’s current position all the way to post-crowdfunding production and distribution. It will provide the company with the information needed to make informed decisions and to better navigate the process of commercialization.

Funding: RBC Future Launch