Bald Baker


Recipe Optimization and Commercialization


Bald Baker’s mission is to reconnect consumers with life’s simple joys by offering delicious, sugar-conscious desserts that are vegan, grain-free and baked without any added sugar. Their products are created to be low on the glycemic index and make a lower impact on blood sugar and insulin levels. Their challenge was to extend shelf life, optimize and scale-up their products, which would enable them to sell to retail.


The scope of this project included recipe optimization, including the addition of natural preservatives; identifying packaging options; exploring modified atmosphere packaging (MAP); conducting organoleptic shelf-life studies; monitoring critical variables towards optimization of organoleptic properties, while ensuring the inhibition of microbial growth; and providing labelling and regulatory guidance. This project has provided the company with the ability to commercialize two products, which will become widely available in Toronto stores this summer. Funding: OCE




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