Cave Spring Cellars

Assessing Water Usage for Niagara Winery

Project Type

Water Audit Template & Report


The majority of the water usage data for wine and wine production is for California-based wineries. Cave Spring Cellars is very proactive with its water usage and treatment but had not previously had a water audit completed, and it did not have the equipment or accessories to complete the work. Water usage data would provide a baseline for Cave Spring and a starting point to continue gathering water usage data and potentially reduce overall water usage or water as a ratio in its wine production.


The team provided a summary of tools with recommendations to track water usage on hoses and the bottle cleaning line. Once monitoring devices were purchased and installed by Cave Spring, the wine production team recorded water usage by task over the course of a two-week period. The research team summarized these results, extrapolated them over a larger period of time, created a recording template and provided recommendations for future water tracking and reductions.