Chocolate F/X Inc.


Food and Beverage Regulatory Assistance


Chocolate F/X is a chocolate factory in St. Davids, Ontario, that offers a retail store, a unique chocolate tasting bar, and a chocolate production viewing area that entertains tourists by the bus-load. They use artisan chocolate panning and moulding techniques to create an assortment of more than 85 products that have their own labels, and private labels for several clients. In order to grow their business by taking on larger private label clients, they required a HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and a globally recognized food safety program but lacked the expertise and associated costs to achieve this on their own.


A food safety implementation project at Chocolate FX (CFX) has been successfully completed by the Canadian Food and Wine Institute Innovation Centre (CFWI IC), in which the team reviewed existing documentation and record-keeping practices. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), a pre-requisite program relevant to the operation SQF Code: Module 2 and Module 11, and a HACCP plan, needed for the SQF program, have been developed. Templates required for documenting various activities prescribed within the SQF program have been developed and guidance has been provided to Chocolate FX staff on effective implementation of the SQF Program. This will allow CFX to grow their business and prove that the highest possible standards are followed in the production, processing, preparation, and handling of food products. Funder: OCE