Corporate Facility Supply

Corporate Facility Supply

Manufacturing and Productivity Improvement


Corporate Facility Supply Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of janitorial products and equipment. The company sought help from the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre to build off the results of a productivity assessment completed the previous year by the research team. The report suggested improving four functional areas within the facility: 1) General safety of the facility, 2) Inventory control, 3) Inventory management, and 4) Productivity of mixing process.


The research team tracked and documented inventory and production processes, created product flow layouts, and studied the current facility layout. To date, this portion of the project has been completed. From here, the team will seek to understand how the processes relate to the overall facility layout, inventory management and control. Moving forward, the research group will create a new procedure for mixing product, implement a visual inventory system (Kanban) for raw materials, and develop personal protective equipment protocols for workplace safety.