Process improvement and shelf-life project


Daneson is a gourmet flavoured toothpick company that manufactures toothpicks from bone white, northern White Birch. Flavours include Single Malt Scotch, Kentucky Bourbon, Cinnamint and mint. They plant 100 trees for each tree cut and are committed to the subtle character of natural ingredients. Their toothpicks are sold through select retailers and online, and have grown to become a status symbol with a growing list of celebrities who use their products. As their toothpicks gained in popularity, Daneson identified the need to extend shelf-life and create an all-natural Halal flavour profile process.


Daneson approached the CFWI Innovation Centre and subsequently embarked on a collaboration project where the team experimented with flavours and created an all-natural Halal flavour profile process. In addition, the team created new methodologies which extend shelf-life and are being incorporated into the manufacturing process flow.