Deboer’s Foods


DeBoer’s Farm is a successful farm selling farm fresh meat products to various retailers. In understanding the current landscape of food and wanting to provide sustainable solutions to consumers, they have developed a proprietary meatless “meat” product. In developing this product DeBoer’s is in need in understanding the meatless meat marketplace and the consumer behaviour associated with it. Wanting to choose a transparent strategy where consumers are aware they offer both meat and meatless products; questions remain how the market would react. The team would uncover how this market is performing, the food trends associated, and consumer behaviour as well as develop a go to market strategy.


Research into the plant-based meat and food market was completed. Understanding the current trends, troubles within the industry and consumer behavior of who is consuming these products. A strategy to enter the market was provided which included target market(s) for the proprietary product, value proposition strategies for Deboers and a promotional strategy to reach the desired market(s).


Funding: NSERC IE Extend