Easily Moved Equipment

Easily Moved Equipment Inc.

Expanding an Uplifting Product Line

Project Type

Mechanical Engineering Design and Improvement


Niagara Falls-based Easily Moved Equipment (EME) is currently the only crane fabricator offering a 5-tonne aluminum gantry crane. Although they had increasing industry demand for a 10-tonne gantry crane made of aluminum they did not have the expertise or equipment to determine the viability of a 10-tonne crane, to expand their product line.


With the use of EME’s existing 5-tonne gantry crane as a benchmark, the research team designed a new 10-tonne aluminum gantry crane, incorporating many of the parts that are currently being used in the 5-tonne design to improve on the company’s economies of scope. The team also provided EME with engineered drawings for the new parts, as well as stress analysis reports for the new crane, validating its usability and safety. The company immediately secured a purchase order for one new crane, representing a sale of $25,500, with plans to sell more, and hired one new staff position.