Jeow Hot sauce

Jeow Hot sauce

Hot sauce not just about the heat


Entrepreneur Nan Keochanh wanted to reclaim his Laotian roots and commercialize his hot sauce – Jeow. As a small start-up in Hamilton, Ont. Keochanh was having challenges with co-packers not being able to recreate his unique recipe. He needed to standardize the process and formulate the recipe in a way it could be scaled up and in a language the co-packers to utilize.


The research team at the Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre was able to optimize the process for easier commercialization. This included characterizing the sauce and understanding the effects of processing on food quality and how ingredients interact with each other. They also found a reliable supplier that could provide those ingredients. The NC team also put Keochanh in touch with a smaller, start-up co-packer.