Intuitive Shipping

Intuitive Shipping


Intuitive Shipping is SAAS company that offers a plug in giving ecommerce control over their shipping by calculating accurate shipping costs at checkout through 43 unique conditions etc. locations/size/weight etc…Officially launched in 2017 they are looking to grow their customer base from the current $2,000 client base. . In order to do so, they need to understand who to target and how to target. Growth has been organic to date and is often desired by those with complex shipping solutions. Home furnishing/automotive/food companies tend to be brand champions. UK and Australia tend to like the product because of the way they do their shipping/postal system in those areas.


• The research team identified the trends relating to eCommerce, shipping and SaaS companies relating to the business model of IS. Areas of education were detailed and highlighted alongside a substantial statistic detail to support business case development.

• Target audiences for expansion were identified as small businesses and key leaders in eCommerce companies. Taking a specific promotional approach for each of these allows thought leadership to reach each group in a meaningful way.

• The promotions strategy identified an integrated approach to owned, earned and paid media focusing on work efficiencies, access to thought leaders, marketing operations and target audience.

Funding: RBC Funded