King Cole Ducks

King Cole Ducks

Major duck producer gains market research


King Cole Ducks is one of the largest duck producers in Canada. Achieving success throughout the country for fine dining and wholesalers, they want to explore other markets and understand how to best reach that market. King Cole Ducks requires market research to understand consumers’ perception of duck, promotional strategies and what additional potential markets exist to grow the duck industry. The Business & Commercialization Solutions team at Research & Innovation, were asked to look at the patterns of meat consumption, establishing new target markets, changing brand perception and how to reach the desired markets.


The Business & Commercialization Solutions team developed a target market based on a market’s size, anticipated growth, patterns of meat consumption and personal values. Tools were developed to aid in the change of brand perception. Furthermore, a marketing strategy to bring brand awareness to King Cole Ducks was developed.

Funding: Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) through the College Vouchers for Technology Adoption (CVTA) program.