Market research for commercializing software


Keyframe Studios, an animation company founded by Clint Green & Darren Cranford in 1997, launched KROW VFX in 2017 as a special effects part of its division. In the film industry there are often personnel located in multiple areas working on the same project. Finding there was not a software that supported real-time interaction from set to studio, KROW VFX developed their own software. The software is used regularly in their own studio; but the company wants to explore potential avenues to monetize the software. Market research to explore potential target markets to monetize the software will be conducted.


The Business & Commercialization Solutions team at Research & Innovation conducted market research of review and approval-based post-production video software, the history of cloud computing and how it relates to team collaboration software. The team researched software as a service capability and analyzed the current software within this market, exploring avenues in how the software can be sold/distributed. In addition, the team researched the software development process, size of the market, and the challenges in creating software.

Funding: Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) through the College Vouchers for Technology Adoption (CVTA) program.