Lemoon Beverage Company


Product development and shelf-life testing


The Lemoon Beverage Company’s mission is to provide healthy and environmentally sustainable products to its consumers through its infused line of beverages. Lemoon’s prized product is a lemon-based drink that has the personality of an ancient Egyptian elixir. The specific challenge the project addressed was to replace the existing formula in a way that allowed for large-scale production. Product demand for Lemoon had outgrown the facility’s capabilities and the company wanted to move its production to a co-packing facility to increase volume. The company also wanted to add new flavours to its line of beverages but lacked the expertise to trial and test these.


The CFWI IC team identified co-packers, identified packaging options, conducted sensory and shelf-life testing, and provided labelling assistance. In terms of product development, four new recipe formulations were created: 1) Original 2) Rose Petal 3) Hibiscus and 4) Strawberry Mint.