Market Research: Non-Alcoholic Carbonated Beverages


The non-alcoholic carbonated beverage segment is a niche that is projected to grow over time. However, this goes hand in hand with the fact that consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and therefore, they will look for healthier options or that they feel are healthier when taking them. 

The main challenge is to launch Quebec’s first low sugar (5-7g per 375ml serving) sweetened natural sparking beverage, that will not compromise on flavour. Needing to understand the market growth factors, consumer behaviour to make product development decisions. Additionally, detailed target markets and distribution strategies need to be observed. A plan for promotions is already set, but some guidance on channels the target market uses is desired. 

NC focused on identifying trends in consumer behaviour for this market to create recommendations from these insights. Research on the sector is also necessary to realize growth factors, competitive analysis to know how to differentiate in the marketplace, target market identification, distribution and promotions strategies. 

A significant focus was understanding how consumers spend their money and how the marketplace facilitates reaching consumers. Selling to consumers through an intermediary is essential for Quebec Drink medium-term strategy for scale. 


Secondary Research was completed to uncover key trends/stats in the carbonated drinks market with a focus on consumer buying habits and recommendation process.  A detailed competitive analysis was completed to understand if any gaps exist in the marketplace and the current state of the market.  Recommendations on packaging and design were provided that would aid in positioning against its competitors. Target market personas were developed to help Quebec Drink understand who to target based on geographical, demographic, psychographic and behavioural traits.  Finally, recommendations on how to distribute the product, a look at e-commerce, B2B and B2C distribution were given.  

Funding: RBC Funded