Niagara Composites

Niagara Composites

Sales Kit


Niagara Composites is a bow manufacturing company that has been serving the wire industry since 1980. Recently, they have developed a new product: the Viper Bow Systems, which reduced the time and effort it takes to change out broken bows. As Niagara Composites prepares to officially launch their product in 2017, the Niagara College Research & Innovation team was asked to provide detailed sales kit and trade show booth suggestions. 


In collaboration with the Niagara Composites team, detailed sales kit components and trade show booth set-up suggestions for the launch of the Viper Bow Systems were provided. Suggested sales cycles, key selling components and steps for launching the Viper Bow Systems were also recommended in order to enable Niagara Composites to gain a better understanding of a new product’s launching process.