Product/Equipment Testing

Project Type

Process Validation


Nuance Winery Supplies sources products and equipment — from grape receiving, through wine preparation for bottling — and makes these offerings available to Canadian wineries. Nuance identified a problem whereby wineries have the need for efficient and effective means to clarify and recover useable product from the sediment (known as lees) which accounts for 3-5% of loss by volume. Traditional filtration methods have disadvantages which Nuance has addressed with a state of the art piece of equipment that filters lees. The challenge for Nuance is that grape varieties and methods of processing vary in different regions and wineries, therefore confidence in the new technology must be earned in each region before it can be sold and serviced with sufficient knowledge and experience.


This unique ceramic crossflow equipment has been tested elsewhere with success, but before offering this new technology to Ontario wineries, the CFWI Innovation Centre conducted significant testing to ensure the best success under our unique conditions.