Ostrich Land Ontario

A bird’s-eye view into the skin-care industry


Ostrich Land Ontario, based in West Lincoln, raises 80 of the flightless birds. The farm offers tours in the warmer months and sells eggs, meat, feathers and its newest venture: Ostrich oil, for both humans and pets. Wanting to expand the commercialization of its Ostrich oil, the company partnered with Niagara College for some market research about expanding its product line.


The Business & Commercialization team at the College undertook an extensive market and competitive analysis of the industry, searching trends in both the skincare and wellness industry. The team recommended to Ostrich Land that they pursue the flourishing field of cannabidiol (CBD)-enhanced beauty products line. Today, many skincare products, such as lotions, facial oils and lip balms, contain CBD. The research has saved the industry partner many months of time in evaluating the various options for commercialization.