Improving the Design and Functionality of the PTLevel 2.0 – a Wireless Cistern Monitor



Mechanical Engineering Design and Improvement


Based in Wainfleet, ParemTech develops Internet of Things (IoT) devices and accompanying software/firmware for niche embedded applications. This project deals with the PTLevel device, which measures the water level of cisterns, sumps, and similar enclosures holding liquids. To broaden the acceptance of this technology, an updated wireless version has been conceptualized, also known as PTLevel 2.0. Based on a review of actual required weatherproof/watertight requirements and enclosure dimensions of PTLevel 2.0, the proposed project will result in creating a 3D CAD model of an enclosure with branded cover. An improved mechanical protection prototype for the pressure hose entry into the cistern/sump will also be developed. An improved prototype of the submerged weight and riser tube will also be developed, with focus on easier and more cost-effective manufacturing. 


The applied research team investigated the specific design and general manufacturability of the new PTLevel 2.0 enclosure, one that needed to house a battery back and chip set, together with related attachments. The original manufacturing process for the product was updated by introducing cost-effective manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, vacuum forming, and X-Y laser cutters. An updated enclosure, submerged weight, and respective connection point, were all designed and presented to our industry partner.