Royal Canadian Mead / New Skew

A Modern Approach to Mead



Mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage in human history and is comprised of only three ingredients: honey, water, and yeast. Royal Canadian Mead’s parent company, New Skew, came to the CFWI Innovation Centre with a goal to create a line of mead products targeted towards mass channels (e.g., LCBO retail) as well as a number of more artisanal production runs that would target restaurants. They brought to the table much business experience, owning brands such as Detour Coffee, Dear Grain, and Brainbow; however, they were in need of mead product development expertise, combined with honey expertise, which the CFWI Innovation Centre could provide.


Through a joint project with instructors from Niagara College’s Teaching Winery and Beekeeping program, the CFWI IC assisted Royal Canadian Mead with mead recipe development, along with research and idea generation for the honey industry and business-related activities. The final flavours are Niagara Peach, Hopped Buckwheat, Ontario Cherry, and Ontario Wildflower. These new styles of session brews are bright, balanced and refreshing — made with Canadian honey and fresh, seasonal ingredients. The products were officially launched in the Spring of 2019. Funding: OCE CVTA

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