Rubee Roselle

Rubee Roselle

Product & new recipe development, shelf-life testing and regulatory & labeling assistance


Rubee Roselle is a food and beverage product manufacturer start-up whose focus is on wellness beverages that are tasty, wholesome, and contain only natural ingredients. Their signature product is a hibiscus-based herbal tea exhibiting warm spice and floral notes. Traditionally served chilled, Rubee Roselle brings forth refreshment and nourishment to its consumer. The name of the product lends itself to the vibrant ruby colour of the beverage. The Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre (CFWI IC) team was challenged with the task of developing the commercial prototype for Rubee Roselle’s beverage product. The goals of this project included: 1) developing new recipe formulations 2) identifying packaging options  3) conducting sensory shelf-life testing and 4) regulatory & labelling assistance.


Outcomes of the project included the development of new recipe formulations, identification of packaging options, sensory shelf-life testing, and regulatory and labelling assistance. Through a series of sensory tasting panels, three formulations (Original, Rose, and Orange) were chosen as the final flavours for Rubee Roselle. A full assessment of packaging options, competitive analyses, regulations, and labelling claims were completed on these product formulations. Extensive testing was also conducted to determine the shelf-life of the product.