Studio 1 Labs

Studio 1 Labs

User Interface for Intelligent Medical Bed Sheet


Studio 1 Labs is a global leader in fabric sensor technology with a patent-pending method of creating a sensor with the ability to measure variability of pressure rather than conventional wired sensors. This wireless intelligent bed sheet automates routine respiratory monitoring and documentation tasks for healthcare workers. With advanced data accuracy and analytics, this technology can predict the onset of health decline and emergencies like apnea, heart attack and stroke. Studio 1 needed a web-based user interface that would enable medical professionals to view the data collected from each device on a ward or unit.


Niagara College’s Digital Media and Web Solutions research team collaborated with Studio 1 Labs to develop an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing user interface for the fabric-sensing technology, which is viewable either by a monitor next to a patient’s bed, or remotely through a centralized system capable of following multiple patients. The interface programming also incorporates various levels of secure access for doctors, nurses and even family members. The College’s work has allowed Studio 1 to bring their product closer to commercialization.