Suzanne Barr Food, Inc.

New Product Market Research for Successful Chef



Suzanne Barr, a successful Canadian chef and owner of Suzanne Barr Food, Inc., wanted to develop a grocery product. The initial product line would include a list of SKUs made from casava root. Looking to launch in North America, the company needed a better understanding of the grocery market for snacks. The project needed to address an environmental scan of both the United States and Canada, a target market identification and competitive analysis and pricing structure.


The Business & Commercialization Solutions team undertook a comprehensive review of the industry for Suzanne Barr Foods, reporting on how the market is performing, uncovering key trends and data. Target markets were given, along with an understanding of consumer behaviours. After a comprehensive review, the team presented an overview of key competitors and pricing analysis with suggestions were also provided.

Funding: RBC Future Launch Program