Tailgates Bar & Grill

A Guide For Commercializing a Pizza Sauce



Tailgates Bar and Grill is a dining establishment in Welland, Ont., purchased in the fall of 2019 by Ryan Nava. Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic multiple shifts in activities have taken place and they would like to commercialize a grocery line, starting with their pizza sauce. Never entering the grocery market before, market research on pizza sauce for consumer goods is needed. An environmental scan to understand the landscape, competitive analysis to see if market gaps exist, target market identification, pricing strategy, packaging recommendations, distribution strategies  and how to reach the identified market(s) through a promotions plan.


The research team at Niagara College’s Business & Commercialization Solutions centre conducted a detailed analysis of the sauce industry, environmental considerations and relevant trends. Looking at the capabilities of Tailgates Bar and Grill, the team also compiled a thorough report to help guide the company through the commercialization process successfully. The report covers all stages necessary from Tailgates’ current position, all the way to large-scale manufacturing and distribution. This will provide the restaurant owners with the information needed to make informed decisions and better navigate the process of commercialization.


Funding: RBC Future Launch Program