Terra Optima Labs

Terra Optima Labs (BCIC project success story)


Terra Optima Labs has developed vermichar and biochar, two products that aim at reducing food waste and reducing carbon emissions from plants. This eco-friendly soil solution has the potential to change the way plants are grown. Currently being sold directly through e-commerce to the consumer goods marketplace; a strategy to reach a greater market is needed. 

Additionally, research is needed to better understand the horticulture market to be able to position themselves as a viable product for large-scale growers. An understanding of the size of the market(s), the pain points and buying behaviours of this market are needed. A plan on how to promote in both a business to business and business to consumer is needed; this will grow both the direct to consumer and B2B revenue streams. 


To understand how Terra Optima Labs can best position themselves in the market the Business and Commercialization Innovation Centre completed secondary Research to uncover key insights of the horticulture and greenhouse industry, additionally, an analysis and key findings of  Terra Optima Labs  compatibility with various applications within the industry was provided.

To better understand how Terra Optima Labs fits into the existing eco-system and competitive analysis was done; uncovering key insights from current players in the industry.  Based on the Research completed, two target markets were identified, including their buying motivations and ideal channels to promote to these parties through.

Finally, a detailed report of the most effective promotional strategies for Terra Optima, including key talking points, communication channels, and ideal partners and audiences was conducted.  

Funding: This project was made possible by funding from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, through the Niagara College-led Greenhouse Technology Network (GTN).