United Way of South Niagara/NPRN


Training Manuals


The United Way of South Niagara and the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network needed training manuals that could be used across all non-profit organizations. Due to the lack of resources and staff, most non-profit organizations did not have the appropriate training manuals and programs within their agency.


Human Resources Management (graduate certificate) students were able to provide a diagnostic assessment of training needs and develop a customized program. Students were able to provide the United Way with a customized training manual for volunteer employees, while also providing a generic manual and program for the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network, so that they could distribute it to their agencies. It was estimated that the cost savings could extend to nearly $200,000 (or $10,000 per non-profit)— a significant amount for not-for-profits in the region. The manuals and programs were implemented immediately.