Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

Evaluation of Novel Sweet Potato Varieties


Processing and preparation for consumer and sensory analysis


Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) is a world-class research centre dedicated to horticultural science and innovation. In an effort to identify and commercialize new sweet potato varieties with improved adaption to the Canadian climate and better taste profiles, Vineland has embarked on a multi-year project to identify consumer preference drivers of sweet potato products (fries, baked and purees). Sweet potato products were evaluated by Vineland’s trained sensory panel and a large consumer panel for sensory differences and preferences. However, Vineland lacks large commercial kitchen space, equipment and facilities to process and prepare the sweet potato products.


For several years the CFWI Innovation Centre team partnered with Vineland on this project, providing the kitchen space, equipment, staffing and facilities to prep and deliver various sweet potato product offerings for Vineland’s sensory and consumer research. The CFWI Innovation Centre team offered sweet potato fries and also puree, baked sweet potatoes and fries.