Vines to Vintages


Wine Yeast Strain Performance in Beer Brewing


Vines to Vintages is a supplier of quality products, service and knowledge to wineries across Canada. After launching in 1999 as an independent wine laboratory, the business expanded in 2007 to selling winemaking supplies, winery equipment, stainless steel tanks, French oak barrels, ozonators, laboratory equipment and providing a winemaking consultation team. In 2015 the business became national, offering products and service from coast to coast. The company approached the CFWI Innovation Centre in an attempt to validate the use of different wine yeast strains in beer making. They wished to test wine yeast strain performance for beer production in order to develop their market share within the Ontario brewing industry. Over the course of this research project, nine different wine yeast strains were used to brew beer, which underwent standard analytical testing, as well as sensory analysis, for different flavours and aromatics.


This project assisted in the identification of wine yeast strains that complement, enhance and produce unique beer styles.  This will help to develop this company‚Äôs market share within the Ontario brewing industry as well as penetrate other regions and provinces that they are not currently servicing. Working with the beer industry will diversify and increase their revenue, and ideally will justify the hiring of new employees to provide service and support to these markets.

Funding: Niagara Region