The Research & Innovation division of Niagara College provides real world solutions for business, industry, and the community through applied research and knowledge-transfer activities. Students and graduates are hired to work alongside faculty researchers to assist industry partners in gathering information related to their research query.   

Research & Innovation conducts projects with a focus on providing innovative solutions to fill the knowledge gaps of industry partners. The division serves as an information source with the goal of helping industry partners make more informed decisions related to their research queries. Upon completion of a project, industry partners take the research report and apply it to help guide their decision making.   


Vitaliteas is a well-established business based in Edmonton, Alberta selling various tea mixes. They have developed a new product focused on chicory powder and organic baobab powder that have a coffee flavour, but with no caffeine. Looking to bring a variety of products to market that contain both Baobab powder and chicory root, information on the market and how to best to enter is needed. The goal is to be a mainstream product with widespread distribution.  


Funding: NSERC IE Extend