What is Research? Learn from campus leaders at Niagara Research

Are you a student conducting a research project in your current academic program? Are you interested in learning more about the research process? Join us during the camp hour on Monday, March 10 (Niagara on the Lake campus) or Monday, March 17 (Welland campus). Niagara Research’s Neil Wilkinson, a project manager with the business division, will help you to understand the research process from problem definition to report dissemination. The session will also explore qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Students and staff are welcome to attend.

The session is one of several being held throughout the year, sponsored by Niagara Research. Other sessions include presentation skills, work plans, research ethics, working effectively on research teams, and intellectual property.

Students who attend at least five of these sessions throughout the year will earn a Niagara Research Certificate, which can then also be added to the Co-curricular Record.

Please RSVP on the CCR site or email [email protected]