Business & Commercialization Innovation Centre: How can we help your small business grow?

The Business & Commercialization Innovation Centre (BCIC) offers a suite of services to help businesses learn, begin, and grow. If you are a new business, we can support with market research – helping you understand the market you’re entering from market growth rates, growth factors, and consumer behaviour within the industry. We can also support go-to-market (GTM) strategies.

The GTM strategy supports the core elements of a business plan: understanding the competitive landscape to aid in developing a unique value proposition; uncovering target audiences; and the unique needs of each audience, from purchase behaviour to breaking down media engagement behaviours. It allows you to understand where and how to put your advertising messages.

Established business can also benefit from the support of our services. Whether entering a new market by introducing a new product or service, BCIC can support the strategy to enter these markets, supporting a successful launch, or help you understand if the new market is worth your investment.

Our business strategies are just one element of our capabilities; we can also support businesses through media collateral. Our media services are designed to support businesses as they ‘level up’. We work with successful small businesses who need that extra support in media execution to take their business to the next level. Our support is designed to get you to a spot where working with an agency is feasible.

Types of media collateral we support are: 

  • • Photography expertise that can be used for staff/business/product photography
  • • Branding development; developing logos and initial brand package
  • • Developing ads, product mock-ups, and packaging design
  • • Short- and long-form video to be used on social media
  • • Website along with three- and six-month social media packages

We work with various funders to help make these services accessible to small businesses, covering a portion of the cost of the total project.

This article was written by Paula Reile, Research Program Manager of the Business & Commercialization Innovation Centre (BCIC).


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