Celebrating two decades of research excellence

Marc Nantel

Say, remember 20 years ago?
When we had to be kind and rewind? 
When we saved data on floppy disks? 
When Nunavut became the new territory? 
When it had only been 32 years since the Leafs had won the cup?… 

That was also when Niagara College started to get serious with applied research.  Yes, this year is our 20th anniversary at Research & Innovation!  ­­

A lot can happen in 20 years and, in our case, this includes being one of the first colleges in Canada to obtain significant federal and provincial funding to help local companies innovate.  And launching our four main research areas: our Innovation Centres in advanced manufacturing, in food and beverage, in agriculture and environmental technologies, and our business and commercialization solutions.  


Along the way, Niagara College has kept its applied research and innovation leadership role in Canada, as witnessed by its current consecutive streak of four years in the top 10 colleges in research funding, and its being awarded the Gold Medal for Applied Research from the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics, in 2018. 

A lot can change for the better in 20 years, and we’re working diligently to be an agent of that transformation.  But be assured that some things never do change, including our unstinting dedication to helping our industry partners, our Niagara College faculty researchers and students succeed.


– Dr. Marc Nantel
Vice-President, Research, Innovation & Strategic Initiatives


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