Exploring R&I with Bestie

If you are friendly with us on social media (but if not yet, why not?), you will know that we have spent the month of December exploring R&I’s labs and capabilities (and clearly, our lighter side), through the eyes of Bestie, a 3D-printed trophy given to our Technology Access Centres (TACs) in recognition of our video success stories.

In this season of anticipation, special events abound, involving merriment, eating, celebrating, family … and for many, a break from the everyday grind.

Rather than an Elf on a Shelf, or an Advent calendar of treats, we were inspired enough by this pint-sized golden prize to make him our unofficial mascot for the month of December (and, potentially longer than that, judging by the response we have received thus far).

We hope you have had as much fun exploring Research & Innovation at Niagara College through Bestie’s eyes, as we have had presenting what we do, to you!

Special thanks to Ken and Michelle at Tech-Access Canada for their inspired presentation of the Besties one fateful day last October, during a TAC Best Practices workshop in Alberta.

And many thanks to our partner divisions across the college at both campuses, as your enthusiastic participation in projects allows us to enhance the world-ready capabilities of our NC students while strengthening the applied research and technical service offerings we provide to industry.

After all, at the end of the day, Research & Innovation at Niagara College = Solutions for Industry.

If you have suggestions or questions regarding how applied research works at NC, let us know, and we’ll have Bestie help you find the answers.

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