Mike Duncan, PhD, talks climate data and Ontario farmers

The latest Applied Research Comes of Age, published through Colleges and Institutes Canada (CiCan) and RE$EARCH MONEY, showcases what members are doing in applied research across the country. Released today, the 3rd edition shines a spotlight on efforts to support a sustainable and resilient economic recovery through innovation and the collaborations between colleges and industry.

In a story titled, “Climate data analysis can reduce risks to Ontario farmers,” Mike Duncan, PhD, at R&I’s Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre (AETIC), discusses how accurate long-term forecasting can be a game changer for farmers.

“We have raw weather data for southern Ontario for 18 years, including the lakes flooding in 2017, as well as predictive data for climate change over the same area for 18 years in the future starting in 2030, that shows differences in how the rain will fall and how the temperature will change,” says Duncan, who is the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Industrial Research Chair for Colleges, specializing in precision agriculture and environmental technologies.

While the forecasts are distressing, such simulation data analysis can help farmers make accurate-based decisions, and Duncan’s team can help work with growers and other urban industries to provide specialized weather analysis to implement management strategies. 

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